Bringing Your Dark Data to Light White-glove solutions for your organization's data.

Imagine your manual data was just as easy to manage as your automated data. With ClearDox’s modern, comprehensive approach to data collection we will parse, reconcile and compile your data to help you reduce your operational risks, costs and errors.


  • No Data Breaks
  • Complete Reconciliation
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
  • Reduction of Manual Work
  • Duplicates Spotted
  • Billing Errors Identified

Millions Saved

What Makes Us Different?

Format Agnostic
Whether it’s a PDF file, Website, handwritten note, ClearDox can work with any format.

Focus on the Problem
We will fully understand your business, identify your data issues, figure out the cause of them and work with you to resolve the fundamental problems.

No Change In Behavior
Getting vendors to change their behavior is never easy. ClearDox works with your vendor’s current processes and does not require you or your vendors to change the way things are done.

Straight Through Processing
Our ETL tool can stand by itself, but when the reconciliation, enrichment, and validation rules are added, our clients receive the greatest value.


Use Cases

Fuel Terminal Operator

The ClearDox document parsing and reconciliation applications are used to reconcile inventory in the terminal inventory system against third party inspection reports. This provides for quicker processing and settlement, especially for terminals with heavy truck or railcar activity. The cleansed data is then available to be integrated into the client’s risk management and accounting systems, which provides a more timely and transparent view of daily inventories than was possible in a manual process.

Latest News

Digital transformation of bulk liquid storage

Addison Armstrong from ClearDox looks at new trends in the industry Digitalisation has permeated virtually every sector of the economy, and has changed the way that companies understand inventories, manage supply chains, and utilise resources. Until recently, the bulk liquid storage industry stood out as a notable laggard in this transformation with many companies continuing

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ClearDox LLC Appoints Richard Nelson as Chief Executive Officer

ClearDox LLC, operator of the proven SaaS platform providing data management and digital transformation solutions to commodity verticals, announced today that Richard Nelson, has been appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

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ClearDox LLC Launches New Service, Signs Gulf Oil as First Client

ClearDox LLC announced today the commercial launch of ClearDox, a proven SaaS platform that provides data management and digital transformation solutions for commodity verticals including oil and refined products, agriculture, and metals, as well as industries such as trucking, airlines, container shipping, and bunkering.

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Our Clients


Securing your data is important. We contract with third-party security professionals to conduct annual security assessments and penetration tests. The entire system is built behind class-leading application layer firewalls providing real-time protection against zero-day threats and denial of service attacks.

The platform is built from the ground up to provide extensibility for SAML based authentication and 2FA. The technology stack is hosted within AWS datacenters across multiple availability zones providing exceptional resiliency and performance with ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

ClearDox stores two types of data within the platform, the original documents submitted and the extracted data.  The original documents are segregated within each tenant’s corresponding document library. The extracted and processed data is stored within the ClearDox relational database.  Both data types rely on strict permission sets to prevent unauthorized access.

The OCR accuracy depends on the quality of the scanned image.  ClearDox utilizes multiple OCR engines and which allows for users to choose the best option for processing.  In general, for good quality scans ClearDox achieves accuracy in the 95%-99% range.  For poor quality scans the accuracy can be in the 50%-85% range.

ClearDox does not incorporate machine learning into the platform currently.  The parsing engine uses a template-based approach which requires the extraction logic to be developed up front for each document type.  Machine learning is on the ClearDox roadmap.

ClearDox supports a wide range of file types which includes .htm, .html, .xml, .json, .csv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .zip, .jpg, .tiff, .png, .bmp

Yes. Currently, the ClearDox OCR parsing engine fully supports English, Spanish, French and German.  Additional languages can be supported based on OCR plugin support.  The ClearDox website currently only supports English.

ClearDox supports an inbound rules screen which allows users to specific approved list of domains and sender emails that are restricted to each document type.  This is enforced by the platform as incoming documents are processed from email or file transfer.

Yes. ClearDox supports document level workflow and a configurable integration level workflow.  The document workflow can be configured in the platform and includes all the steps required to parse, validate, enrich, and check documents for duplicates.  The configurable integration workflow allows user configured workflow statuses to be assigned to each extracted record.  The integration workflow is orchestrated through external processes that can utilize the ClearDox API and/or the ClearDox messaging infrastructure to be notified of workflow state changes.

All documents and record level actions are audited and can be viewed in the platform.

ClearDox supports excel reports directly in the platform and any third-party reporting software (such as Tableau) by exporting data from the platform.

No technical skills are required.

No system requirements are needed since ClearDox runs in the cloud.  Users need access via a web browser (Chrome, Edge or Safari) and must have access to the following domains:

Currently no standard adapters have been developed for external systems integration.

Yes, whether during a trial or implementation of the system, our team will learn your business practices, and provide suggestions and guidance based on prior client experiences and best practices.

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